Empowering youth to be agents of change


"It is like a brotherhood... there you are all the way from the U.S.A. up to my local village, ready to help me build my future."

Joshua Mutiso,

Clay Alum

As a wholly volunteer organization, all of PEI’s fundraising and budgetary oversight is administered by an unpaid Board of Directors. We welcome helping hands and can say that the rewards of seeing profound transformations in students at CISS are far greater than the volunteer efforts expended on their behalf.

You can make a difference if you...

  • Have non-profit marketing, fundraising or management experience
  • Have teaching or educational expertise
  • Have website and graphic design skills
  • Have videography or editing experience
  • Have done engineering and infrastructure project management
  • Have retail sales expertise

Contact us to volunteer

...and be part of our success story! Join our email list by emailing us at info@projecteductionkenya.org. Join with other donors to build a new future for these students and their community.

Send a check made out to P.E.I. to Project Education Incorporated, 1400 Iowa St., Bellingham, Wa 98229 or click the purple "donate now" button to make a contribution on-line.