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Students in Class

Our Students:

"The laboratory supplies will enable us to tackle our national exams."

Francis Musyoki,

former Clay student

One hundred thirty students are enrolled at CISS, split evenly between boys and girls. They are admitted based on successful state secondary school entrance exams at the end of primary school. Other requirements are that they live within 25 miles of campus, that their parents agree to support the school through cooperative work, fund the maintenance staff, and allow their children the time away from their chores to study and succeed in school. This climate-challenged region is one of subsistence farms, where most families can’t afford the fees required for entrance to government secondary schools. CISS, accordingly, is an extraordinary opportunity for its qualified students, as there are no enrollment fees. Because the classrooms have (solar) electric lights making after dark study halls possible, many students continue working long past sundown which is at 6:30 PM.

Student Studying

Recently, a girls dormitory was added by community request. A practical and safe solution, this solved the problem of girls having to walk long distances in the dark to get home. Since the addition of the dorm and the extra meals now fed to the girls living on campus, all students are fed 3 meals a day. This nutritional support is essential for their general health and academic well being, especially in the frequent prolonged droughts in the region.

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