The Building of a Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Groundbreaking in every way: Our 6th graduating class is preparing for their final national exams in this their last term. We have hung our first ever Clay School Art Club exhibition, and our Country Director, Benson, continues his re-foresting program on campus with now well over a thousand trees planted.

The big news however is that the generous $20k seed gift from a long standing PEI donor has helped us make our dream of a computer lab come true. Ground has broken, parents have been pounding rocks, making bricks, hauling sand, and students have been carting those bricks across campus as part of their daily chores. After waiting 7 years for electricity which hasn’t come, our power source will be solar panels and we will connect via satellite dish.

Other costs will include a new computer teacher plus his/her housing unit, training, furniture, and of course computers. This lab will enable our students to arrive at college or university as computer-savvy equals to their classmates, an advantage they haven’t had to date. While we are at it, we aim to teach adults in the community these skills as well. This is a big step for CISS and increases our annual budget accordingly. We want to express our thanks to board member Nicole Dembinska and her friend Laura Godsal for raising £10,500 ($16,700) from over 150 supporters by dedicating their heroic climb of Mont Blanc in France to this project. If you’d like to add your name to this worthy cause, we still need $9k to complete this goal and would be grateful for your contribution.

Basketball gets Better and Better

Last fall a generous U.S. donor, Dr. Darel Moss, funded a basketball court at CISS, in honor of a young woman from his hometown Brookline, Massachusetts, who loved basketball and who was tragically killed in a bicycle accident. The CISS parents did their part and spent a scorching day leveling a section of the hard pan dirt to accommodate the court. Just before twilight, the standards, hoops and net were up.

Standard Up

Yes, basketball is a popular sport, even in remote Ngomano where the Clay students, despite no court to practice on, have finished high in the district ranks for the past few years.

Since the court was installed in October, the students have had much practice for their competitions in the regional meets. Now they can perfect their game with a new and improved paved surface on the court recently installed by the maintenance staff. All they need now is sneakers.

Parents Level Court

Back in the USA

Continued thanks to First Republic Bank whose directors graciously hosted a second PEI event in their New York City headquarters on May 22. Board members (Chair) Bob Wax and Bonnie Wax joined with friends and colleagues introducing them to PEI and the Clay School. Kiondos were sold, new friends got engaged, and wonderful people came to spend time hearing about CISS and its compelling successes.

You can make a difference

...and be part of our success story! Join our email list by emailing us at info@projecteductionkenya.org. Join with other donors to build a new future for these students and their community.

Send a check made out to P.E.I. to Project Education Incorporated, 1400 Iowa St., Bellingham, Wa 98229 or click the purple "Donate Now" button to make a contribution on-line.