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Our mission:To financially support the Clay International Secondary School (CISS) so that it may provide an enriched learning environment for young adults, enabling them to create for themselves a life of meaning and bring effective, sustainable change to their communities.

"We are now imagining how our future will be enjoyable due to ...your support."

Jane Muenzia,

former Clay student

The school offers a four-year high-school program to 130 students, male and female, who live within a 25-mile radius of the Makueni district. Enrollment is based on achieving qualifying marks on a standardized government exam. Students living too far to walk to school stay with host families in the village of Ngomano; or, in the case of female students, in a girls’ dormitory at the school (we hope to provide a boys’ dormitory in the near future). All parents of Clay students volunteer their time to support the school, working in partnership with Project Education Inc., a U.S. based non-profit organization. The results have been outstanding.

Achievements since our first graduating class in 2009:

  • - Graduation rates at Clay School have been 95% or higher
  • - On average 35% of our students have received public university scholarships
  • - The remaining majority have gone to standard 3-year colleges with certification or diploma programs, as opposed to one student from this region in the last 20 years going to university
  • - Ranked number 1 consistently in the district in the national college entrance exam scores
  • - Athletes, debate teams, math teams compete successfully in region
  • - Music and drama team has competed nationally, first ever for the county

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