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The Early Days

How we started:

Project Education Inc (PEI) was founded in 2004 by three American women from Washington state, who discovered their shared passion for educating rural Kenyan children. Debra Akre, Jeanna King, and Andrea (Andy) Clay found an opportunity to act on this passion when Akre’s friend Benson Mutua – who had a similar dream - introduced them to the village of Ngomano, where he grew up.

Discussions with the villagers of Ngomano led to a partnership to create a secondary school different from others – co-educational, private but free of fees, funded by donors, fully built-out and equipped, with live-in Kenyan faculty and creative teaching methods that addressed all aspects of the children’s wellness. The parents would assist with the operation of the school and Mr. Mutua accepted the job as first Country Director. Through the Clay Family Foundation, Andrea and Jim Clay purchased 25 acres in Ngomano and financed the building of a campus.

Building the school

Parents made all the adobe bricks used for construction, assumed responsibility for hiring and funding maintenance staff and for cultivating a campus farm. Local qualified students were evaluated and accepted by the founders for the first class of 30, and the school officially opened in 2005. And so a collaboration was formed where children could flourish, supported by their community with outside help, and where stakeholders improved water sourcing, agricultural practices, and helped start a local basket-making enterprise giving life to Benson’s dream – “Not to give someone fish, but to teach them how to fish.” Clay International Secondary School was later named in honor of its major benefactors, Andy and Jim Clay.

You can make a difference

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