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The CISS curriculum accommodates the standard secondary school mandates from the Kenyan Ministry of Education. Classes include English, Kiswahili, Mathematics (Algebra through Calculus), History, Geography, Laboratory Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) as well as Business, and Agriculture and various electives. CISS offers a unique cultural shift from traditional Kenyan secondary schools because of its dialogue education with an emphasis toward critical thinking and active class participation. The school’s approach is to also teach skills that will provide fertile ground for life long learning and for adapting to a rapidly changing world. As active classroom participants, the students both meet the requirements for passing the state exams and are given the tools which will serve them throughout their lives. Interaction with Board members and foreign donors offers exposure to other cultures, supporting CISS’s goal of teaching the students to become global citizens.

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Whole Child Approach:

"Please accept our gratitude for the support you have given us. It has made our lives in school to be much [more] comfortable than before."

Esther Nouku,

Clay Alum

To round out the education of Clay students, the faculty employs the Whole Child approach where the intellectual, physical, emotional and economic well-being of each student is equally considered. Nutritional needs are met by 3 meals fed to them every day and their health is monitored and treated by a visiting nurse in the campus dispensary when necessary.

Each student’s unique skills are cultivated and individually accommodated to assure the best possible outcomes. Integrated into the class lessons are those around character development and preparation for active citizenship outside school life. Whether they seek higher education in country or abroad, CISS encourages them to aspire as Kenyans to participate in and contribute to their village, and to their county and national government.

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