Empowering youth to be agents of change

Boys in Ties

DONATE: 100% of your generous donation goes directly to the school. Please consider supporting a student for one month @ $100.00 or for a year @ $1,200.00. See chart below for other options for your support.

Books for one classroom for a year $100.00
Support academic or sports comptetitions for a month for the school $250.00
Provide 3 meals a day for 5 students for a year $500.00
Pay salaries for 2 faculty for a month $750.00
Fund one student for a year 1,200.00
Furnish the assembly hall $5000.00

Capital projects come about only when we can raise a modest surplus outside of our operating budget. This can happen only through the generosity of our supporters who know that a little bit goes such a long way in third world development projects.

Boys dorm fully furnished for 60 students 15,000
Furniture for assembly hall 5,000
Solar water filtration system 53,000
Life skills program for students 5,000
Teacher salary per person (includes housing and meals) 4,200
Annual medical and pension benefits for the faculty 4,000

You can make a difference

...and be part of our success story! Join our email list by emailing us at info@projecteductionkenya.org. Join with other donors to build a new future for these students and their community.

Send a check made out to P.E.I. to Project Education Incorporated, 1400 Iowa St., Bellingham, Wa 98229 or click the purple "Donate Now" button to make a contribution on-line.