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"Bearing in mind that all your efforts are going to make a difference in my life and the community at large, I will ever remember you and your family in my prayers."

Musyoka Kilonzo

Clay Alum

Ngomano is a village of about 600 or so homesteads spread out over 25 square miles. The people are of the Kamba tribe and have lived as subsistence farmers in this area since the 1940's and 50's. There is no electricity or running water here. People spend a large portion of their days gathering wood for cooking and water for daily use. Electricity and paved roads do not come through here. Wote, the county seat and major commercial area, is an hour away by car. In the last decade, drought has drastically challenged the farm land and the local economy. Getting food for the family has taken precedence over secondary education – which is not mandated by the state and which costs money even in public schools. PEI has helped out the community by investing seed money in the women’s kiondo basket making business which has created income and helped put food on the table.

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