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Campus and Facilities:

The 25–acre campus of Clay International Secondary School lies on an arid plain in the Akambani tribal area of Makueni County, 110 miles Southeast of Nairobi. CISS’s village of Ngomano is in the heart of a subsistence farming community, 14 km. from paved roads and electricity. The 22 structures, include individual classroom buildings, a 30 seat computer center, a science lab, offices and lounges for teachers, kitchens, a dining hall, dispensary, faculty and guest housing, a girls’ dormitory, a community assembly hall and a sports field. There are cisterns to catch rain, a well, unusual for these parts, and a community economic development project. The adobe buildings are made with bricks hand-manufactured by school parents who assist with all construction on campus.


There are chicken coops built and tended to by the students who learn agriculture and entrepreneurial skills by raising and selling chickens and eggs. Scattered about the landscaped grounds are tilled gardens tended by students and parents. A shade house for tomatoes overlooks the fields. Additional water is pumped via solar power from the river or the cisterns to irrigate these fields. When the climate is accommodating, minus torrential rains or searing drought, these crops help sustain the students and faculty. In addition to an orchard of mango, papaya and banana trees, over 1,000 seedling shade and Neam trees, a potential cash crop, have been planted by the community.

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